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Tuesday 14 November 2000

Reston House

All of the interior pictures here are really horrible. It’s impossible to take decent pictures of a residential interior without a serious wide-angle lens, and my digital camera does not have interchangeable lenses.

The exterior of the house. Note the clean horizontal lines and the exposed structural concrete, characteristic of the International style.

View of the living room from the outside, at night.

The living room, seen from the inside. The room looks pretty cluttered and messy in this photo. There’s actually more space here than the picture would lead you to believe.

The living room, from the other side of the room. The open door at left leads to a bathroom.

The kitchen, as seen from the living room. Nicole can be seen at the sink, undoubtedly tidying up.

The living room, as seen from the kitchen. The strange coloring at the intersection of the wall and ceiling is, I think, a reflection off the glass top of the table. It’s difficult to light this room, both for photos and for normal use.

Nicole’s office. My office is in fact much less interesting, at least in a photo.

You can see more information about Hickory Cluster here. There used to be a better page available, but that seems to have disappeared recently.

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