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Monday 18 December 2000

Christmas 2000

Here are a number of photos of Christmas 2000 at the Old Tino Place. I’ll add commentary as I have time and as the inspiration strikes me.

I will also be taking more photos over the next few days and adding them, so be sure to check back often.

The house as seen from the driveway. Note the good layer of snow.

The road as seen from the house. With all the leaves off the trees, we’re relatively exposed.

Cooking is already underway in the kitchen.

The Christmas tree, all lit up and ready. Christmas trees are notoriously difficult to photograph; the real tree actually looks better than this. Note the huge tree skirt concealing the wheelbarrow containing the 250-lb. root ball.

Tino, showing a lot of holiday cheer. There is a larger version of this image available.

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