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Wednesday 28 March 2001

New Condiments

This is a photo of the mysteriously-named "convenience bar" ("serious difficulty bar" would be a more accurate term) at a McDonald’s restaurant in Reston, VA:

Notice that McDonald’s is making available to its Reston customers some condiments never before seen on Earth. Perhaps they are from the moon.

We at Tinotopia have tested these preparations, and have this to say about them:

‘Ketchu’ is a preparation of tomatoes, some kind of spiced tomato sauce. It is good on french fries.

‘Mastard’ is not very good on french fries; it’s bright yellow and a bit spicier than ‘ketchu’. You put it on burgers, or dip Chicken McNuggets into it. It is not entirely unreminiscent of ‘mustard’, commonly available elsewhere.

‘Sweet n Sour’ is totally baffling. It’s not sour at all.

Posted by tino at 14:00 28.03.01
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