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Friday 18 January 2002

Idiocy on the wane at FDNY — maybe


It appears that, after much outcry, the the New York Fire Department is reconsidering its insane plan to diversify the statue to be made of the three (white) firefighters raising the flag at the World Trade Center.

However, if you read the Washington Post article carefully, you’ll note that the fire department does not say that they’re looking in the direction of making a statue that’s actually representative of the event:

Late this afternoon, the fire department bowed to that pressure. After a day of meetings with Bruce Ratner, the statue’s benefactor, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced he “will consider new options” for a memorial.

It seems that we either get a racially-diverse flag-raising, or something else entirely.

Question: If three African-American firefighters, or three Hispanic firefighters, had raised that flag, how likely is it that the fire department would insist on inserting a white guy into their midst? I’d be just as pissed off if that happened, but somehow I don’t think it would.

Posted by tino at 12:44 18.01.02
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