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Monday 21 January 2002

Get Robbed, Get Suspended From School

If these two kids are so dangerous that they need to be suspended for a year, why is their school district looking into “open enrollment into a different district”?

Oh, but wait. They’re not dangerous. The superintendent of their school district says that there was never any “physical harm or threat” to the school or other students. And he goes on to say that the students were not “trouble makers”. So why, then, are they being suspended?

It’s because of a gun; one student had been hunting over the weekend and forgot it in his car in the school parking lot the following Monday. It was stolen from his car; he reported this to the police; the student who had stolen it brought it back the next day; they’re both being suspended for a year.

This is especially good; we want to do everything we can to discourage people from reporting crimes to the police. Far better if they fear that they will themselves be punished for their trouble, and instead take the law into their own hands.

Posted by tino at 17:52 21.01.02
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