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Monday 21 January 2002


I am not sure that this article is not entirely satirical.

On its face, it’s a bitingly satirical article about a “Men’s History Month” allegedly held at a high school in Vallejo, CA. One of the students quoted as criticizing it, though, is named “Samantha Ofeira-Tuitamaiaumailuantin Fatiula”.

Interesting concept, though. If we’re going to have a month in which we feature women’s achievements as such (as opposed to simply human achievement), we might also benefit from a men’s month, when the great achievements of men throughout the ages could be studied and celebrated.

The chief benefit of that, of course, is that the absurdity of the whole thing would become readily apparent and we could do away with all the various “My Special Group Months” that currently litter the calendar.

Posted by tino at 16:47 21.01.02
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They should be giving us roses, candy, clothes and money every month. WHAT IS THIS CRAP. Woemen have their day of pampering, that day has been called Valentine’s Day. Ordinarily i treat women with more respect then i treat the guys with, and i am still called a mean, chauvinistic sexist pig. So stop ure bitching and wake up to reality and smell the roses ive put on ure pillow in the morning on V-Day.

Posted by: ANdrew R at March 5, 2003 10:27 AM