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Tuesday 22 January 2002


Tino will offer free Tinotopia merchandise to anyone who can point him to an account, in the legitimate commercial media, of anyone being injured, deliberately or accidentally, by a nail file of the sort that’s considered to dangerous these days.

Nail Clippers

This is the sort of thing I’m talking about. The nail file on these clippers is about two inches long — if that — and incredibly flimsy. Yet it seems that it’s also a terribly dangerous weapon when carried on board an aircraft or into a school.

My hypothesis is that “the authorities” are not just being overcautious, but that they’ve gone entirely over the edge and that these things are not at all dangerous.

Tell me where I can find a news account of this kind of nail file causing at least moderately-serious injury (i.e. scratches don’t count) to a human being — either accidentally on or purpose, and you’ll get a Tinotopia promotional item of your choice absolutely free.

Posted by tino at 14:19 22.01.02
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