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Monday 28 January 2002

Help Wanted: HR with a clue

An article in today’s Washington Post business section addresses the problem of corporate human resources departments without a clue. One technical job-seeker is quoted as saying “At my level, trying to get past human resources is a real difficulty.”

So what good are human resources departments, at least as far as hiring people goes? I’ve never got a job by applying through the normal channels for one, and I’ve only very rarely seen a new hire who came through the HR system actually turn out to know anything.

Posted by tino at 17:25 28.01.02
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But I think they are blissfully unaware of their ineptitude. I know our HR people are, and I know that the only way to get a job here is to come in through someone you know…and not to the HR people but directly to the manager.

I don’t know how these people stay employed when everyone with any sense goes around them.

Posted by: Nicole at January 28, 2002 05:57 PM

I must concur that forthe most part HR are utterly clueless when it comes to hirng for technical positions. The best I tink that HR can do is be given good guidelines as to what to look for and screen resumes such that those that meet the criteria make it t the desk of a hiring manager. That way the hiring manager isn’t overwhelmed with resumes and HR is actually providing some useful service.

Posted by: Paul M Johnson at January 29, 2002 08:55 AM