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Thursday 28 February 2002

The Music Industry and MP3s

Ken Layne has an excellent article on the Fox News website this week. He links an enormous number of valuable tidbits on the chaos that is the American music business, and has some good things to say of his own:

What happens when an industry mistreats its customers and its suppliers? When 8,999 of 9,000 audits show shoddy accounting practices? When a core business is bungled and the marketplace shrugs and moves on? When scandals and greed lead to massive layoffs and massive disgust? I’m not talking about Enron. I’m talking about the record industry.

Well worth a read, and the links will supply material for an entire morning’s study.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the music industry as we know it is doomed. The only question is, how much damage will it do while it thrashes around on the deck?

Posted by tino at 11:11 28.02.02
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