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Friday 01 March 2002

Sin Tax on Coca-Cola proposed in California

Kids in America are fat, and they appear to be getting fatter. This isn’t because they’re not allowed to leave the house by themselves anymore. Oh, no, it’s because they’re drinking soda. Obviously, what’s needed is a tax on soda to decrease consumption.

Diet drinks — full of strange chemicals that, of course, might themselves be dangerous, are exempted, as are sodas that contain at least 10% fruit juice. So if 10% of the drink contains fructose from a “natural” source, and the other 90% contains high fructose corn syrup, it’s less likely to make children fat, and thus healthy?

I don’t pretend to understand anything about these people, except that they’re dangerous.

Posted by tino at 11:13 1.03.02
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This is all leading up to kids needing gym memberships if they are to get any exercise.

What a grim world that would be.

All this comes out of the awful planning of suburbia, but it also comes out of fear of one’s children being snatched by a pedophile. Never mind that the stats on that show no increase in the number of incidents since these parents were children. The media repeatedly hammers the existing cases because they make money off of fear. Heck, just look at the coverage of the “war on terror.”

I also think there will be unintended consequences of constantly supervising children — they never learn to mediate playground disputes, for instance. They have no “kid society” that most of us over 25 remember vividly, and I think that cutting off kids ability to form unsupervised social groupings undermines their ability to learn to be part of our society as they become older.

Posted by: Nicole at March 5, 2002 12:43 PM

A sin tax? I guess Cali’s gotta tax you somehow to get outa that defecit.

Posted by: Mr. Jupiter at May 26, 2004 05:09 PM