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Thursday 07 March 2002

Toy Gun Update

Since I reported the original event, it’s only fair that there’s a follow-up.

Prosecutors in Washtenaw County, Michigan, will drop felonious assault charges against an 8-year-old who allegedly pointed a plastic cap gun at three other 7-year-old kids on December 6 of last year. He apparently didn’t “fire” the gun, and he reportedly didn’t even threaten to; he just said, “Don’t fight me anymore.”

A prosecutor quoted in the story says that the charges are being dropped because the charge of “assault with a dangerous weapon” requires that an actual dangerous weapon be used. Imagine that.

The mother of one of the “victims”, though, isn’t happy.

Robin Arthur, the mother of one of the 7-year-olds, said Monday that her son no longer lives with her because he does not feel safe living near Tommy Davis, with whom her son has had several fights. “I find it very appalling that they are not going to seek charges,” said Arthur, who lives directly behind the Davis family. “Now, he thinks he’s going to get by with it. What’s to say he won’t get a real gun now?”
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