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Monday 25 March 2002

Defeating Islam

This is the best analysis I’ve yet seen of the realities of the current situation, i.e. the War on Evil.

Ultimately it seems we’re faced with completely destroying Islamic culture, much as Japan’s culture had to be destroyed in order to bring WWII to an end.

I fear that before this war ends we shall have to make changes as radical to the majority of Islamic nations, especially the Arab ones. I fear that, because I don’t see how this war can end if we don’t, unless we are defeated. We can’t merely defeat them militarily; I think we have to break their spirit.

Posted by tino at 21:54 25.03.02
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Why do we have atomic weapons if not to defeat Islam. This is the biggest threat we have ever faced..

Posted by: at August 6, 2003 01:45 AM

the only way to defeat islam is to stop depending on their obsolete oil,and,offcourse defeating the left.how? well we must unmask their colludance with islamic groups. on the other hand if we ever manage to substitute oil for hydrogen fuel we mihgt just destroy the arab capacity to fund jihad. and as well we have something very powerfull against islam, more powerfull than nukes.,freedom, what do i mean by this,we unmask them, getting the message about the true nature of islam. this my friends will alienate the public opinion from them. we must fight for the truth not politycal correctness.

Posted by: jaime estrada at September 18, 2003 04:46 PM

For thousands of years middle easterners have been avid practitioners of a so-called religious practice familiar in the americas and practiced by the Aztecs and Mayans (and we suspect the Incas and a few others)—a practice now known as HUMAN SACRIFICE. Every time muslim so-called ‘terrorists’ or ‘extremists’ plant a bomb on a plane, bomb a building, etc. they perpetuate a variation of killing which they have done in other ways for countless millennium (these other ways usually involved the burning of the so-called ‘infidels’ alive; note that this is how most of the americans slaughtered on 9/11 died…by burning; no less than osama bin laden himself decreed that the world’s 5.5 billion non-muslims are to be killed in this same fashion) they are doing so in order to win favor with their ‘god’ — in this case allah (which in reality is a collection of 360 idols the most significant of them being al-ilah—the contracted name of which is ‘allah’), the arabian moon-god. The usual targets of islamic acts of human sacrifice popularly known as ‘terrorism’ are either jewish people, christians, hindus, zoroastrians and advocates of democracy. If we keep in mind that islam is a camouflaged form of human sacrifice (and a cult) it immediately becomes clear what is the motivating force behind the violence: ‘thou shalt not kill’ not only conflicts with ritualistic of slaughter of human beings cold, it eliminates the practice in its entirety and removes the justification for it. The same applies for anything resembling human rights; they too stop human sacrifice cold. This we are certain is the reason for the 14 centuries- long religious war begun by mahomet as well as the muslim world’s so-called ‘rage’ against the western world. The reason for islamic human sacrifice is simple: purification. Non-muslims have traditionally been believed by muslims to be impure (by the way islam predates the koran by over 15 centuries—that’s how long the middle easterners have been locked in this way of life), and thus unpopular with ‘allah’— and ‘God’ will supposedly reward these for their eliminating the ‘infidels.’

In order to deculturize these people, end their murderous ways, and bring a non-violent mentality to this part of the world it is necessary to understand WHY they perform the horrifying deeds they do (and do them so repeatedly and so remorselessly). If the world does not snap all of the wolrd’s muslims out of the ritualistic slaughter mentality, they will persist in it. Only by addressing the concept of human sacrifice and eliminating it from the islamic world where it still holds sway in the human mind, will the world again be safe.

Posted by: William Tell-all at January 21, 2004 08:13 PM

The only sure way to defeat Islam is for the Western nations to have the balls to crush the enemy without mercy. Kick out all the media from the battlefield and get the damn job done. Crush the enemy with an iron fist. The pussyfooting in Iraq is due to political corectness and media involvement. I say lets bulldoze out way through Fallujah and every other damn terrorist stronghold without mercy. and the hell with collateral damage

Posted by: George Bushim at May 12, 2004 01:16 PM