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Tuesday 26 March 2002

Defeating Islam, Part II

Mark Steyn comments on “peace processes” and such, and appears to reach the same conclusion as Steven Den Beste.

Forget the “cycle of violence” and the “peace process.” History teaches us that the most lasting peace is achieved when one side — preferably the worst side — is decisively defeated and the regime’s diseased organs are comprehensively cleansed. That’s why National Socialism, Fascism and Japanese militarism have not troubled us of late. One can imagine how World War Two would have ended had, say, Mary Robinson, the UN Human Rights poseur, been sitting in Downing Street instead of Winston Churchill. Her crowd should not be running World War Four.

Though I’d say that it’s in fact difficult to imagine how World War Two would ever have actually ended had Mary Robinson et al. been in charge.

Posted by tino at 12:59 26.03.02
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