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Thursday 28 March 2002

French Nut “Jumps” Out Of Window At Police Station

Here is the story from Le Monde. Here is the story in English from CNN.

“The two interrogators tried to hold him back by the legs, but the determination of this fanatic, whose body was already mostly outside, meant all this effort was in vain.”

<accent type=”french”>Malhereeusement, eet waz all in fain. ‘Ee zhust jomped out ze weendow. ‘At ‘appens all ze tahm, we ‘ave prizonairres wiz access to ze unlocked, unbarred weendows.</accent>

Yeah, right.

Posted by tino at 10:17 28.03.02
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So, do you think he was forcibly defenestrated by the police, or did he defenestrate himself and the police basically just let him do it?

Frankly, I wish more guilty killers would jump out of windows. If they want to die, let ‘em. Why waste all that money putting them through the system and keeping them in prison when they’re desperately trying to offer an easy end to things right there?

Anyway, it’s always nice to have an opportunity to use the word “defenestrate”.

Posted by: Evelynne at March 28, 2002 01:37 PM

I think he was thrown out the window. Police don’t “let” their prisoners do anything.

In this case, it’s hard for me too feel too bad for the guy, but I’m against police defenestrations in general. This particular suspect was obviously guilty, but there are too many cases where the police are “convinced” of a person’s “guilt” where no evidence points to such a logical conclusion. And before long, you’d wind up with the police throwing you out windows for jaywalking, for that seems to be the nature of police.

Posted by: Tino at March 28, 2002 02:56 PM

I guess the Canadians are just trying to prove they can be just as stupid as the US when it comes to zero tolerance. Based on current trends how much longer until thought crimes come into being?

Posted by: Paul M Johnson at March 29, 2002 11:28 AM