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Tuesday 19 November 2002

One Little Indian

Marc Fisher’s column in the Washington Post is often good for tales of idiocy, and today’s edition does not disappoint.

It seems a high school in Montgomery County, MD — home of a good deal of the idiocy I’ve written about here — was planning to stage “Ten Little Indians”, a play based on the Agatha Christie novel.

Richard Regan, an American Indian who lives in Montgomery County (but not near the school in question), didn’t like this.

He complained to Paint Branch’s principal, arguing that the play “violates multicultural regulations” and “is offensive to all American Indians.”

Regan has never seen the play.

It being Montgomery County, this solitary complaint of ethnic offense sparked immediate action: The name of the play was changed. “And Then There Were None” played to appreciative audiences last weekend.

“The only reason we even considered changing the title was to try to be more sensitive,” said Principal Jeanette Dixon. “The letter he sent was completely off base. Our effort to be sensitive kind of backfired, because he thinks he’s won a victory.”

Ah, but when I reached Regan, he announced that he will ask the school board to ban the play.

“Montgomery County always tries to appease activists,” he said. “Changing the title doesn’t solve anything. They needed to cancel the show. What they should do instead of the show is have diversity training for every person at that school.”

I’ll leave Regan’s idiocy to stand on its own. It’s interesting, though, that while the principal of the school thinks that Regan’s complaint was “way off base”, the school made an “effort to be sensitive” anyway. I don’t really understand that. Must be my devotion to factual correctness getting in the way.

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What is really interesting is that it’s OK for Regan to “stick-up” the parents of Poolesville High School and Germantown Athletic Club with his pompous dribble under the guise that the term “Indian” is offensive when his he sits on the Maryland Commission on INDIAN Affairs!!!

And, of course, while Montgomery County continues to cut services to our children… they still can find the cash ($80,00 to be exact) so that Poolesville (like it or not) can buy all new uniforms, etc. to change the name of the mascot.

All this, while my 3rd grader sits in one of Dr. Jerry Weast’s “Tin Teaching Trailers” (aka: Portables).

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