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Tuesday 18 February 2003

Cluster Bombs and HDRs

The anti-war crowd has been making a lot of the supposed resemblance of unexploded cluster bomb bomblets and
the humanitarian raily ration (HDR) packages that the U.S. military has been dropping in places like Afghanistan.

Unexploded cluster bomblets, they say, can’t be easily distinguished from the HDRs, and people are getting blown up.

I am suspicious of this. Presumably, even in places like Afghanistan, they can distinguish small objects from large ones.

Here are some cluster bomblets:
(See here for more information.)

And here is what an HDR looks like:

Me, I don’t see the resemblance. One is cylindrical, has fins or a parachute, and is about two inches in diameter. The other is a rectangular package about five by eight by three inches. I can certainly tell the difference, and I expect that even Afghans can, as well. (Remember that before the drops of HDRs began in Afghanistan, when the Left was still predicting mass starvation there, they made the claim that people on the ground wouldn’t know that the packages were.)

In any case, the military is changing the color of future orders of HDRs, possibly to blue. This will make the packages harder to see, and undoubtedly some people who would otherwise have survived may starve to death as a result. But the ‘peace’ crowd will be deprived one of their more popular, if specious, arguments.

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