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Tuesday 15 July 2003

A ‘luxurious’ screed

An amusing screed appeared as a half-page paid advertisement in this Sunday’s Washington Post Outlook section. The online version of the Post carries its own ads, so this didn’t appear there. I’ve scanned in and OCR’d the ad, which is now available here. Here’s a sample:

In view of the credibility problems of the current administration it is essential that we have new leadership immediately. WE DON’T HAVE THE LUXURY OF WAITING UNTIL THE 2004 ELECTION. A devastating terrorist attack could occur in the United States at any moment. We cannot afford to leave the key decisions in the aftermath of such an attack to leaders so encumbered by the past. To do so would risk an almost unimaginable geopolitical, economic, and military catastrophe.


The following four steps would achieve an orderly and constitutional transfer of power:

  1. The Vice President resigns.
  2. The President nominates and Congress confirms a suitable individual as the new Vice President with the expectation that the nominee will soon become President.
  3. The President resigns to permit the new Vice President to become President.
  4. The new President nominates and the Congress confirms another suitable individual as Vice President.

And someone believes strongly enough in this idea to have spent a good deal of money — about $7300 by my calculations — to have it printed in the Washington Post.

Posted by tino at 13:27 15.07.03
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Why didn’t they just continue with the bullet points?

  • The instablilty of the government of Liberia

  • The continued sectarian attacks in Northern Ireland

  • The fact that gasoline is at $1.50/gal

  • The lack of World Series wins by the Boston Red Sox in the last 85 seasons

…et cetera et cetera, all of which is directly caused by an Evil Republican Government.

sigh When are people going to realise that the job of government is to do for me that which benefits me, that I cannot do for myself, and nothing more? And I cannot emphasise that last bit enough.

Posted by: Twonk at July 15, 2003 03:11 PM