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Tuesday 22 July 2003

A Good Thing About Europe

It’s no secret that I am deeply skeptical about the European Union. It looks to me like a nascent Fascist state, and frankly it scares the bejeesus out of me.

It’s not without its good features, though, as this article in the Washington Post reminds us. The absence of border controls and work restrictions for citizens of ‘foreign’ EU member states is definitely a step forward.

[25-year-old Swede Stina] Lunden is part of the new “Generation E” — E for Europe, a continent that has been essentially without borders for most of Lunden’s and her peers’ adult lives. For them, traveling from Sweden to Spain is about as simple as it is for an American college student to take a spring break drive from the Northeast to Florida.

Of course, once they’re in the USA, it’s as simple for Lunden and the rest of Generation E to take a drive from the Northeast to Florida as it is for that American college student, while the American travelling in Europe needs to keep his passport handy. Admittedly, though, travellers from some parts of the EU need to screw around with visas before coming to the United States, so I suppose we’re even.

Posted by tino at 22:24 22.07.03
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Two thoughts occur to me:

What happens when these people decide to “settle down and have kids”? Will the Swedish chyck suddenly become more interested in her Swedish roots and move to Stockholm once she’s pregnant?

And more importantly, this article is focused on too narrow an elite to say anything meaningful(which the article itself briefly mentions). The activities of young, single Ivy League alums may make for an intersting style-section article in the WaPo or NYT, it certainly does with some regularity, but it hardly informs you about all of American society.

Posted by: RRP at July 25, 2003 03:42 PM

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