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Tuesday 18 November 2003

Service and Defensiveness

Anger Management, the most recent Adam Sandler tour de force, is out on DVD now, and there’s a scene in it that says a lot about how our society works these days.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that the main plot of the movie revolves around Sandler’s character being ordered by a court to undergo anger management therapy. This court order arises out of an incident on an airplane, after a stewardess has been pointedly ignoring Sandler’s request for some time:

You need Quicktime to make this work.
If you don’t like embedded movies, you can download it here.

The idiocy of race, airlines, and cops, all wrapped up in one little scene.

Now, of course, this movie is an absurdist farce, Sandler is a clown, and the scene is a joke. But the fact that it works at all as a joke — the audience is left laughing in recognition, rather than scratching their heads — is kind of disturbing.

People complain about erosion of 4th-Amendment rights and other major civil-liberties issues; but the biggest loss of civil liberty — because it affects nearly everyone, nearly all of the time — in recent times seems to be the assumption generally-held by people in positions of petty power, that everyone else is hostile, all the time.

Posted by tino at 23:08 18.11.03
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You know after viewing that postage stamp sized clip I’m stuck by how much I can’t wait for 3rd and 4th generation wireless phones where I can watch whole movies like that.

Posted by: Paul Johnson at November 19, 2003 12:04 AM