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Saturday 31 January 2004

Band Names From Spam

Two-word pairs, as they occurred in a recent piece of spam I got, with a subject line of ‘fabric paradoxic colette harpsichord oilcloth’.

Some of these would make better movie titles than band names:

extraterrestrial cyclorama
cheek meteor
nether keg
circumpolar exhaustion
drab gibberish [this would be Cheek Meteor’s first album]
lithe necrosis
shoestring bootlegging
cereus gimmick [part of Wile E. Coyote’s schtick]
chlorate chisel
inclination hippo
hippo bookseller
epsom contralto [you can hear her all over Surrey]
cedric montreal [e.g. Cedric Montreal and the Rue Sherbrooke Players]
literate pythagoras
ineducable eclipse
ominous command [starring Gene Hackman as the evil general]
hellenic chairwomen [Sophie Nickapopolous moves that we adjourn]
huff cordage
caustic club [perhaps Ms. Nickapopolous could chair this, if she’s acerbic enough]
invidious methodist
checkmate appellant
ovenbird acumen [what you need on Thanksgiving]

Posted by tino at 09:10 31.01.04
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I guess that random words appended to spam are getting past your custom spam filter that’s designed to trigger on letters that never occur next to each other in proper English.

Posted by: steel at February 2, 2004 10:06 AM

This message was caught by my spam filter, which looks at a lot more than just letter pairs.

Posted by: Tino at February 2, 2004 12:05 PM