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Tuesday 30 March 2004

John Kerry Promises to Solve All Your Problems.

It’s not really my intention to write much about the presidential election; as far as I’m concerned, the contest is between one anti-Constitutional gang of thugs and another. Maybe I’ll change my mind at some point down the road, but in general I’m not all that interested. Getting worked up about things people say during a political campaign will get you nothing but high blood pressure, to begin with; and I have less idiotic things to worry about, besides. Nevertheless, this makes two posts in a row commenting on John Kerry, simply because he happens to have caught my attention today.

I am not a fan of George Bush, but John Kerry — really the entire Left — scares the bejeesus out of me. There was a story in the Washington Post today headlined ‘Kerry to Unveil Plan to Reduce Gas Prices’, and it was accompanied by this photograph:

John Kerry, pictured surrounded by black-and-red flags

I’m sure this is what we all want in the White House: someone who appears to believe that the price of commodities is (or should be) manipulated and set by the government, and who appears in public surrounded by children waving black-and-red flags. With stylized eagles on them.

The whole thing reminds me a bit too much of Roderick Spode.

Besides, I thought that the democrats wanted gas to be expensive, to better discourage people from buying those evil SUVs.

(Those flags are actually the flags of the United Farm Workers.)

Posted by tino at 20:15 30.03.04
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