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Tuesday 18 May 2004

It’s All About the Benjamins

I have not been writing here because I have been too busy embracing and extending Tinotopia’s capabillities. Specifically, I have improved the photo gallery here, and it’s about ready for testing now.

To shake the thing down — I’m having trouble viewing thumbnails in some browsers myself — I have added a gallery of photos that illustrate some urban planning principles and that some of you may find interesting.

Comments on the photos can be made, but you’ll have to register with a valid e-mail address first. I generally prefer to let anyone say whatever they like, but that does tend to bring the idiots out of the woodwork; I have things configured so that, should you register and leave comments, only your username, not your real name or e-mail address, is shown.

Posted by tino at 12:36 18.05.04
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Hi Tino!!

It’s me…Judy who lives next door to Iggy!

I totally love Beeker!! Where did you find him?

I’m supposed to be working from home today — my last day on maternity leave — but Tinotopia.com is more fun than work, so here I am!

Take care!!

Judy Martin Finch

Posted by: Judy Martin Finch at May 21, 2004 12:53 PM