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Sunday 23 May 2004

In The Suburbs

A new photo gallery, In The Suburbs, has been added to Tinotopia. Most of the pictures are from an area in northern Virginia that I find to be particularly horrifying. Describing the area more precisely than that — ‘an area in Northern Virginia’ — is hard; it’s so center-less that it doesn’t really have a name. You might call it ‘Sterling’, or ‘Dulles’ or, if you’re a real-estate marketeer, ‘Cascades’.

It’s what comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘sprawl’, and it’s awful. It is not entirely without charm; in particular there’s a strip mall where the developers made a real effort. Unfortunately, the result serves mainly to emphasize just how bad the whole place is.

Posted by tino at 11:55 23.05.04
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We were in Phoenix over the weekend. The tour guide on our bus to Sedona was telling us all about Phoenix while we were driving through it, including the fact that land is so cheap there that it’s allowed businesses to build lower buildings, keeping the skyline more minimal. Tim and I just looked at each other and he said, “That’s a nice way of saying the city sprawls.” And it does. It goes on forever, just like Houston. Ick.

Posted by: Sue at May 24, 2004 09:57 AM