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Tuesday 17 August 2004

Do They Really Think This Is Going To Help?

From Wired News:

[…] So it’s no surprise that hardened electronic activists are planning to jam up the servers of GeorgeWBush.com, GOP.com and related websites, once the Republican National Convention gets underway Aug. 29. “We want to bombard (the Republican sites) with so much traffic that nobody can get in,” said CrimethInc, a member of the so-called Black Hat Hackers Bloc. It’s one of several groups planning to distribute software tools to reload Republican sites over and over again.

Here’s the thing: unless you already believe that Bush & Co. are supremely evil and NEED TO BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!!!1 — in which case you’re probably planning to vote for John Kerry anyway — the main lesson you’re likely to take away from this is that the Democrats include in their ranks people like this.

These are people who will stoop to Dirty Tricks against their enemies, and who will further publicly admit this. Dirty Tricks have long been a part of partisan politics on both sides, and there is no reason that they will not continue to be a part of partisan politics in the future. But I think that this is what people are talking about when they talk about the lately-displayed ‘arrogance’ of the Democratic party: these people (some of them, anyway) are so dismissive of even the possibility that others might disagree with them that they’re willing to admit for publication that they plan to use illegal means to attempt to keep the other side from communicating. That is pretty arrogant.

But I cannot see how something like this is supposed to help. Does this kind of thing make John Kerry and his party look better or worse to the average undecided voter? One of the Democrat activists’ frequent complaints, if one of the less-substantiated ones, is that the GOP is trying to suppress the opinions of people who don’t agree with them. The GOP doesn’t even have to make their own counterclaims: the Democrat activists are happy to give the press the scoop right from the horse’s mouth.

Posted by tino at 22:56 17.08.04
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Of course, the tinfoil-hat brigade on /. (and probably anywhere else this is linked to; all I saw was /.) is claiming that this can only help Bush, and therefore must be some nefarious plot by the RNC to discredit the Left.

I hate to say this, but while I may be happy with many aspects of the War on Terror, and while I think the RNC and the administration have some smart folks, I don’t think they’re Machivellian (sp?) enough to do this, even if they were technically savvy enough to come up with the idea.

“Hey, let’s crash our own web servers, and claim the other side is to blame, and call it a big Free Speech issue.”

It’s just the electronic equivelent of what happens at many college campuses when a conservative speaker comes to town: any flyers publicising the event are torn down from bulletin boards, copies of the school newspaper with ads for the speaker are removed from the racks.

Someone else said it, but it seems the Left is all about inclusiveness and diversity as long as they get to decide what is included in the diversity. Stuff like this is a prime example.

(Of course, next I’ll hear that the extreme Right is too stupid to do something like this, but a quick search on Google for “American Nazi Party” will show you that, while their ideology is just as twisted, their computer skills are just as good.)

Posted by: Twonk at August 18, 2004 03:35 PM

I suppose I could have put this on my own blog, but your headline is oh so appropriate. This is from Time, but I got it from the Economist:

“During the Republican Party convention in New York, protests will include 100 women draped in American flags and wearing anti-Republican “protest panties” performing a “mass flash”, while Paul Revere imitators will ride bicycles down Lexington Avenue shouting “The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!”

Right. That’s going to attract those swing voters for sure!

Posted by: Nicole at August 23, 2004 03:30 PM