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Monday 04 October 2004

Racist Economic Development

The Washington Post reports today:

Gordon W. Gerald, president of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, said he thinks white entrepreneurs have more opportunities in the white majority county. “The Board of Supervisors places a priority on white investors participating in the growth of the county,” Gerald said.

A federal investigation into this racist practice is, of course, coming. The NAACP is describes this as an example of the widespread hatred of minorities found in the hearts of white suburbanites.

Just kidding. Nobody at the Fairfax County EDA said anything of the kind; in fact, their website goes out of its way to talk about the importance of diversity, minority-owned businesses, and so forth.

What the Post actually reported is this:

Kwasi G. Holman, president of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corp., said he thinks African American entrepreneurs think they may have more opportunities in the black majority county. “The county executive places a priority on minority investors participating in the renaissance of the county,” Holman said.

Of course, no investigation is forthcoming. The one statement is hate speech, and the other you can print on the front page of the Washington Post business section without comment or outrage.

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