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Thursday 04 November 2004

Software Upgrade & Flickr

Tinotopia has been upgraded to Movable Type 3 point something, which should be of absolutely no interest to you, the public. If you notice anything wiggy happening, particularly with comment posting, you might mention it.

In news that may actually be of use to you, I have stuck a few pictures on Flickr, and replaced the old phonecam picture on the main log page with a selection of recently-added Tino Flickr pics. The main impetus for having anything to do with Flickr — I generally don’t like having my data where it’s not 100% under my control — was that my mobile-phone carrier has started sticking their logo onto any pictures mailed from my phone. Dealing with this would have meant re-writing my auto-phonecam-posting script, which I am too lazy to do.

I’m still uneasy about not having those pictures on my own machine, but I have to say that Flickr’s software is pretty slick. Expect a lot more blurry, horribly low-res phonecam pictures in the future. I’ll bet you can hardly wait.

There’s also a Tino Flickr RSS feed, available here. Those of you using the Tinotopia Phonecam Feed should replace it with this.

Posted by tino at 21:38 4.11.04
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