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Monday 21 February 2005

There’s No More There

There’s an interesting article in the Washington Post today about the waning importance of the Washington area in the telecommunication industry:

What once was the region’s most promising growth industry has been largely reduced to a few struggling providers of phone and Internet services — more mom-and-pop than Ma Bell — and some small suppliers of hardware and services to the big boys.

Why did Washington lose its leadership role?

Because Washington has lost its relevance.

Washington is still important in the telecommunications industry, of course: while a lot of local operators have now been absorbed into larger companies, their operations are still here. I doubt there will be much local expansion, though, given the cost of doing business in Washingtonia.

It’s really ironic how much of the business was once concentrated within a few miles, particularly considering how this is an industry that’s all about the elimination of place.

Update, 15:37 21 Feb 2005: The fourth paragraph of the article shows just how in touch with the local telecommunications industry the Washington Post is:

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