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Thursday 16 June 2005

Mouse Attack!

Recently, some mice have taken up residence here at Tino Manor, and we have been reduced to trapping them and removing them.

Img 5131

Once the mouse is trapped, it’s a simple matter of driving down the road a few miles and releasing it.

Img 5143

The trap is placed on the ground, and one end opened.

Img 5145

And then the fun begins. Where’s the other leg? All of this happened too fast for me to actually see what she was doing at the time.

Img 5146

Eek! A mouse!

Img 5147

Eek, still. It must be remembered that Nicole just let the mouse out of the trap, so it’s not as if she were surprised by its presence. What you’re seeing here is the power of just the proximity of a known mouse.

Posted by tino at 14:29 16.06.05
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But he was coming right for me(!), and I wasn’t wearing socks.

I could just feel the little claws on my feet in my mind. Ugh.

Posted by: Nicole at June 16, 2005 09:11 PM

the horror! the horror!

Didn’t somebody once make a movie called “Night of the Lepus”, in which the human race is threatened with destruction by … rabbits? Maybe the time is ripe for “Morning of the Mus”.

Posted by: Erich Schwarz at June 17, 2005 11:36 PM

They sure did, and it’s my favorite bad movie. Janet Leigh and DeForest Kelly star!

It’s about giant killer bunny rabbits that attack a town called Ajo (bit of juvenile humor right there) in, I think, Arizona.

It’s a tour de force of crap.

Posted by: Nicole at June 18, 2005 12:07 AM