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Saturday 03 September 2005

Back to Circuit City

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a mildly unpleasant experience I had at Circuit City, when they asked for a phone number and would not take ‘no’ for an answer (eventually they settled for entering the store’s own phone number, because their computer system apparently won’t take an obviously bogus number).

I was back at Circuit City again today. I wouldn’t shop there at all, because it’s always like pulling teeth. All the alternatives involve driving forty miles and then pulling retail teeth. I needed a big UPS, and Circuit City were the only people nearby with even a semi-big UPS.

Anyway, today I was again asked for my phone number, and I again politely declined. The guy behind the counter again said that he ‘needed’ it.

Rather than going through the whole argument again — because it’s not that guy’s fault that his employer has its head up its corporate ass — I just gave my number as 382-5968. Har, har, har, har.

I think that this accurately expresses my feelings toward these companies that demand my personal information, in addition to my money, in exchange for their merchandise.

So here’s an exercise for anyone who assembles phone-number databases this way: how often do you get 382-5968? What does it say about your business if your customers are sending you this message? How long do you think those people will remain your customers, if they have other options?

Posted by tino at 18:52 3.09.05
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