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Saturday 10 December 2005


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what fashion has come to. From page 47 of this month’s Lucky magazine:


Sleek, ladies and gentlemen, apparently involves wearing an ill-fitting, wrinkly jacket and pants that you stole from a hobo.

I do not think it’s possible to look sleek while at the same time appearing to have no feet at all.

Nicole subscribes to a whole bunch of magazines about clothes, but she often winds up making her own garments because so much of what’s out there is so awful.

And what’s more, it’s been awful for a few years now. What’s going on? I thought the point of fashion was to obsolete everyone’s wardrobe every 18 months or so in order to sell more clothes. But everyone’s been wearing bell-bottoms for years now; it’s to the point that the Gap doesn’t sell anything but bell bottoms — only they’re called ‘flares’ or ‘boot cut’ or some other such garbage now. I am not fooled.

Posted by tino at 21:12 10.12.05
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Lucky is a very strange little magazine. I like that it sticks to fashion and doesn’t try to get into politics or Saving The World like some of the others (Marie Claire has an article every month about women somewhere suffering under some sort of horrifying sex slavery). But the way the people in the magazine combine clothes to make outfits (and some of the pieces themselves) perplex me greatly. I don’t know that it represents what the fashion business is trying to get us to wear so much as the editors’ own bizarre tastes.

I bought a bunch of straight-leg jeans a couple years ago thinking the bell-bottom thing had to end soon, and yet here they still are. I am too old to understand jeans trends anymore, but I think the way they get you to update is with the particular washes and pocket styles rather than flare or no flare.

Posted by: Evelynne at December 10, 2005 10:19 PM