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Sunday 11 December 2005

Winer Moderates Himself

What appears on Scripting News now:


The ‘him’ there refers to Adam Curry, former MTV hairstyle and current Podcasting mogul. Winer has a good claim on having come up with much of the idea behind podcasting, and he’s been getting bent out of shape on a regular basis lately, feeling that he’s not getting enough credit, particularly in the mainstream media.

What was originally written and posted, according to NetNewsWire’s ‘Highlight Differences’ feature:


I really don’t care who’s a tool or who’s a dickhead, though I suppose I can understand the frustration someone like Winer must feel seeing Adam Curry get all the attention largely because he’s better at self-promotion.

What Winer doesn’t seem to realize is that part of the cost of self-promotion is not being able to publicly call people dickheads and tools in public — or at least not being able to do it quite so often. Businessweek, the New York Times, Wired, etc. go to other people instead of to Winer because when they ask around they’re told that Winer is a nut. Winer wants the luxury of telling people exactly what he thinks is wrong with them, but he doesn’t seem to like paying to price for that luxury.

It’s interesting that he changed his tune here after initially posting a pretty nasty blast.

Posted by tino at 17:55 11.12.05
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