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Friday 18 January 2002

“Drug” War Gone Entirely Insane

One might say that the Drug War couldn’t get any worse, but it appears that it has. The Washington Post reported last Sunday that the DEA is ordering all foods containing any hemp products to be pulled from store shelves by early next month. Cosmetics and such can still be sold, provided that none of the hemp products in them can be absorbed by the body.

In the United States, any product containing any THC at all — THC is the main drug in dope — is considered to be a controlled substance. In the Post article, the DEA spokesman says of this, “The fact of the matter is we are here to enforce the laws of the U.S. Yes, there are other matters going on in the rest of the world, but the American public expects us to continue our duties.”

And apparently their duties involve keeping things like Hemp Plus Granola off the shelves, even though the DEA itself admits that you can’t get high from the stuff and that it’s not dangerous.

It turns out, the Post goes on to say, that The Family Research Council has been pestering the DEA to enforce this idiotic law.

The Family Research Council, whose motto is “Defending family, faith, and freedom,” usually concerns itself with anti-abortion lobbying, anti-gay-rights lobbying, and attacking TV networks for not producing enough “family” shows. Somehow, “family research” also involves making sure that people don’t eat foods made from certain plants. Robert L. Maginnis, the FRC’s VP of Policy, says that “hemp has become a stalking horse for the drug legalization movement.”

I see now. Just like marijuana is a “gateway drug”, leading almost unavoidably toward an early junkie’s death from a overdose of horse, so products containing hemp are “gateway products”, themselves leading to use of that gateway, the Demon Weed, in the first place. Yes. Of course. That makes sense.

Particularly galling is the fact that idiots like the FRC like to call themselves “conservatives” and argue for “less” goverment “intrusion” into our lives. Until it comes to a life-or-death matter like whether a product that’s acknowledged to be safe and that isn’t a drug can be used in food products in the U.S., that is.

Posted by tino at 18:57 18.01.02
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