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Friday 18 January 2002

Some more FDNY idiocy

The New York Times reports:

Lt. Paul Washington, president of the Vulcan Society, which represents black firefighters, said his organization was not upset by the decision [to scuttle the firefighter memorial statue with faux racial diversity added]. But he said whatever monument or monuments are now planned should recognize that 12 black firefighters were among the 343 killed on Sept. 11.

Yes, because just recognizing them as firefighters and Americans who died would obviously not be enough. (Incidentally, I don’t see anyone complaining about the fact that white people, both in the WTC and in the fire and police departments, were seriously overrepresented among the dead on September 11. You can bet your sweet bippy that if any other ethnic group had been overrepresented, there’d have been a hue and cry about how the Downtrodden Minorities had been made to bear more than their “fair share” even of the burden of terrorism. But I digress.)

Perhaps what Lt. Washington wants is a Vietnam-Veteran’s-Memorial-style listing of the dead, with an asterisk next to each black firefighter’s name. This strikes me as something you might have seen in a war memorial in Alabama in 1950, though: “*-Negro”. I have said before that the worldviews of the forces of “multiculturalism” and the KKK seem to be edging closer and closer together. Here’s another example.

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