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Wednesday 23 January 2002

Excitement in Reston

According to The Washington Post, John Walker was flown into Dulles Airport tonight before being helicoptered to the jail in Alexandria, Virginia.

Reston is only a few miles from Dulles, and the main road from the airport into Washington runs right through the middle of town. When I went to pick up Nicole from work, I noticed a whole lot of cars with very unofficial-looking laser-printed signs reading “Official Traffic Survey” posted in their windows parked up on the grass near the airport road and at all nearby intersections; there was even one in front of AOL. This isn’t unheard of, but actual Fairfax County traffic surveys tend to be conducted by a single guy in a single old truck — I mean, we all know the traffic is awful without conducting a “survey” at all — not young guys in suits occupying a dozen late-model Crown Victorias bristling with antennas. The (marked) police were also out in force, and there was at least one van with D.C. plates and a TV camera on a tall pole watching the airport road.

Possibly this was part of the backup plan in case the helicopter broke down.

Posted by tino at 21:58 23.01.02
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