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Thursday 24 January 2002

Life Continues to Imitate The Simpsons

First, there are people actually trying to sue the Coca-Cola Company in (unwitting) imitation of Marge’s over-the-top ban on sugar as a threat to Springfieldians; now, a school bus driver named Otto has taken a busload of kids on a joy ride.

It turns out that the kids helped Otto plan the route and played games while he drove. One of the kids said, “We were having fun. We were having cars honk their horns.” Otto even bought the kids lunch at Burger King.

The parents, on the other hand, were Concerned and Alarmed, as the SOP manual says they should be. One parent called his six-hour ‘ordeal’ “the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.” He does not connect this to the fact that he is a Pessimist.

Posted by tino at 23:11 24.01.02
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hey tino,

i know well how you feel about parental stupidity and overprotectiveness, but c’mon. having your kid’s school bus never show up at school is a pretty sound reason for freaking out. and to find out 6 hours later that the bus driver was off his meds and toting a semiautomatic weapon is pretty damned scary, too. give the parents a break. ;)



Posted by: ellen at January 28, 2002 02:09 PM