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Thursday 21 March 2002

Student With Bread Knife Re-admitted

The high school student thrown out of school in Texas recently for the heinous crime of having a bread knife in the back of his pickup truck while on school grounds (see below), has been re-admitted to school.

Rather than just admitting that they overreacted, though, the school has just reduced his punishment to “expulsion” for five days — still insane. Since he’s already been out of school for five days, though, he gets to return tomorrow morning.

Contrast this with the treatment a teacher in Florida is getting after having shown up for work apparently high on cocaine:

An independent arbitrator ruled this month that a penalty less severe than termination was warranted and wants [the teacher] rehired with full pay and benefits. […]

That came as little comfort to Superintendent Jim Paul, who today is expected to recommend that the county School Board appeal the arbitrator’s decision and fight for termination.

“We are expelling kids for taking aspirin or No-Doz. Now we are talking about someone taking cocaine, and that’s OK,” Paul said.

Posted by tino at 23:42 21.03.02
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Posted by: Paul Johnson at March 24, 2002 07:42 PM