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Thursday 21 March 2002

World War III Still Hotting Up

CNN story:

Further talks between Israeli and Palestinian security officials were suspended Thursday after a terror attack in the heart of Jerusalem killed at least two Israelis and wounded more than 50, five critically.

What’s the possible point of Israel doing anything to make peace? Assuming they satisfy most of their enemies, there would still be armed groups left whose success condition is nothing less than the total destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jews. Every time peace ‘talks’ begin in earnest, someone will see to it that they are derailed. And should the talkers determine not to be derailed, they’ll find themselves still in a state of war at the end of their peace talks.

And does anyone really believe that the U.S.’ war on terrorism will be any different? Unless radical-Islamist philosophy undergoes a serious shift, we’re probably facing a necessarily genocidal war.

Posted by tino at 14:04 21.03.02
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