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Friday 28 February 2003

Calamity Probability Meter

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom gets reviewed in the Telegraph:

There are lots of clever design touches, such as the self-righting RR emblems in the wheels, or the Spirit of Ecstasy that can be lowered out of sight at the touch of a button, but there are some plain stupid ones, too. The “Power Reserve Indicator” on the dashboard is perhaps the nadir. In a car that can’t tell you what gear you are in, or how fast the engine is spinning, or on which side the indicators are flashing, this gauge is a useless distraction. Why not have a gauge showing the driver’s mojo level or collar length? Perhaps you could link up satellite navigation and accident statistics and create a “Calamity Probability Meter”. Or else leave a gaping hole for the customer to insert his own special gauge.

I have always preferred British car journalism to American.

Posted by tino at 18:47 28.02.03
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