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Monday 05 May 2003

Cultural Imperialism My Ass

The BBC reports, apropos of the United States’ general view of the world:

The belief that all reasonable people - given the chance - ought to behave as Americans behave is deeply engrained here.

That is why it was a shock to see Shia Muslims in Iraq choosing to celebrate their new-found freedom not by opening a Starbucks and washing their cars, but by walking barefoot to a holy site, all the while whipping themselves with chains.

This they would not do in Milwaukee.

They wouldn’t do it in Manchester, either, but that’s irrelevant. The trouble here is that those damned Americans are judging the ‘Other’ simply because that ‘Other’ beats itself with chains. How amateurish. How absolutely reeking of simplisme. Just what you’d expect from those Americans, actually.

Posted by tino at 18:18 5.05.03
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