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Monday 05 May 2003

E-mail Addresses In Comments

One of Movable Type’s deficiencies is its inability to accept obfuscated e-mail addresses for comments. If you supply an e-mail address at all, it has to be a plainly valid address, ripe for harvesting by spammers.

I’ve never liked this, so I’ve made some changes. When leaving comments now, you can obfuscate your e-mail address in the form of “tino at tinotopia dot com”. I have not tested it fully, but I have every reason to believe that this will also work with e-mail addresses of the form of “someone at host dot domain dot com”. If you have trouble with this, please send some e-mail to our technical support department.

Posted by tino at 21:14 5.05.03
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Spam problem? I still need to quantify my spam numbers but with my simple procmail recipes I take care of 95% of my spam. My only problem is false positives…..and with each false positve I refine the filters more.

Posted by: Paul Johnson at May 9, 2003 10:40 AM