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Saturday 29 January 2005

More From The Video Vault

If you’re an ATV dealer and you can somehow prove that Yamaha does not have the best ATVs on the market, Gary Surdyke will give your wife a thousand dollars. Or at least he would in the late 80s, when this local-cable ad was produced.

I recently found a whole 60-minute 3/4-inch tape of old local tv spots, so you may as well resign yourself to seeing a lot of them.


Gary Surdyke Yamaha, :30, 1.1mb Quicktime.

Posted by tino at 12:57 29.01.05
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I remember this guy and his claim! I used to think it was so goofy that they presented these off road toys in front of a fireplace, an interior shot as opposed to just taking them outside in nature. May have been easier to accomodate filming indoors, judging from the masonry, this was shot in the showroom, dunno, I never went there myself. Though, how hard could it have been to arrrange a shot at any time of year under any weather condition to shoot ATVs outdoors.

They still seem to be going strong, though the shop in the spot seems to have gotten a facelift if indeed the location pictured online is the same address in the old spot (I55/67, Festus! that is.)


Posted by: chris at January 31, 2005 05:12 PM