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Wednesday 07 September 2005

Installing iTunes

A new version of iTunes is out, and I’m trying to install it. However:


I’ve got two questions:

1. Why, oh why on Earth do I need to reboot to install a freaking music player? The Macintosh gets more like Windows with each passing day.

2. So we’ll assume that it’s absolutely necessary for me to reboot: fine. I can’t really imagine why this should be, but for the moment we’ll assume that it is. (In this case, it’s because iTunes wants to install the iTunes Phone driver (more about that phone later), which is inexplicably tied into the kernel somehow.) This is idiotic enough on its own, but why do you not inform me of this until after I have:

  1. Opened the installer package
  2. Clicked through the useless ‘Introduction’
  3. Agreed to allow the installer to ‘run a program that determines if this package can be installed’
  4. Clicked through the useless ‘Read Me’
  5. Clicked through the license
  6. And then been asked whether I agree to the license
  7. Selected the one and only disk on this computer as the installation target
  8. Clicked on the ‘Install’ button
  9. Been asked for my password

I do a lot of things with my computer. Here’s what I have open at the moment:


I’m not about to reboot and have to get all that stuff set up again — it would take me the better part of an hour just to tidy things up to the point where I could close it all without losing track of what I’m working on. I had a few minutes available, and I thought I’d install the new iTunes: but after going through nine steps, I am informed that installing the thing won’t take a few minutes, but a couple of hours. Apple, the makers of user-friendly computers!

I suppose they still have breathing room, though: it’s only recently that the default Windows program installation didn’t involve having a giant window cover your entire screen for the duration of the install process.

Posted by tino at 15:47 7.09.05
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I have to agree with you too many new OS X updates have been coming out that require a reboot. As such I am behind on my updates…especially on my mini which I like to use as something of a server.

Posted by: Paul at September 7, 2005 06:05 PM

If you had waited for it to show up in Software Update instead of downloading the package yourself, you’d at least have been spared the wait for notification that a reboot was required (if you click on it in the Software Update window, you get the tip at the bottom telling you a reboot is required), but you’d also have to deal with the Quicktime update that also came down the pike — which also requires a reboot (thankfully, Apple combines the “after reboot” functions of both installers into one set of actions), which has its own license you have to agree to, and which also drops an annoyance into your startup items to launch the Quicktime Player and send you to the network-enabled start page (which, of course, takes too long to load).

I’ve never bothered to read any of those licenses to find out how (and how much) they differ, but whenever I reinstall the OS I have to click through a dozen of them the first time I run Software Update. That’s ridiculous.

Posted by: fedward at September 8, 2005 03:46 PM

Hi, I’m Kevin.

My brother, Chris is having troulbe downloading the new version of iTunes. For some reason our computer says that an error occured during the process of downloading it.

I need help. If anyone can tell me how to install it, my email is Raptorfan@rochester.rr.com

I apprecaite any help I can get.

Thank you Kevin

Posted by: Kevin at October 25, 2005 06:33 PM