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Thursday 08 September 2005

Incandescent Lunacy

Lileks writes about the conspiracy theories and such surrounding the response to Hurricane Katrina:

One theory — and it’s an interesting one, as Howard Dean would say — suspects the Administration of deliberately flooding New Orleans to test the nation’s ability to deal with a nuclear strike. That makes sense. Sure. […]

This level of incandescent lunacy isn’t new. In the 90s there were people who believed that President Clinton would use Y2K to herd us into [FEMA]-run gulags to have barcodes tattooed on our necks, but these people confined themselves to rants at 3 AM on Art Bell’s radio show. By 2006 their ideological heirs on the left will be the evening line-up of MSNBC guests.

Posted by tino at 10:48 8.09.05
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