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  • Tuesday 25 January 2005 : Endangered Gizmos

    EFF has posted a list of ‘endangered gizmos’, but really they’re endangered products. Technology will move on, but back-room shenanigans will keep anyone from making money from it.

  • Monday 12 January 2004 : Counterfeiting, Adobe Photoshop, Copyright, and the Future - Part I

    A new 'feature' in Adobe Photoshop prevents you using images of a number of world currencies for any purpose whatsoever, legal or no. This is an ominous portent for the future of copyright control.

  • Monday 05 January 2004 : Intellectual Property, Control, and Profit

    There's an opportunity cost to keeping your intellectual property locked up, something that Time-Life illustrates with the handling of their photographic archive.

  • Thursday 17 July 2003 : The $204 Trillion Threat To Society

    John Conyers and Howard Berman want to impose penalties on unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material that would result in more money in fines for one day's activity than the recording industry has made throughout its history.

  • Saturday 22 February 2003 : The Future of Media?

    The rock-star lifestyle may be a casualty of the coming collapse of music distribution as we know it, and that's almost certainly a good thing.

  • Monday 13 January 2003 : AOL Time Warner

    The media conglomerate's troubles are the result of them not knowing what they've got.