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  • Friday 09 December 2005 : Serious iPod Video Bugs

    Apple’s new video-capable iPod has a serious bug with playing an audiobook after playing a video; it also has a really, really annoying change to the way the scroll-wheel-feedback clicker works.

  • Friday 03 June 2005 : How Not To Do It: Customer Service In An Age Of Fraud
    Apple’s .Mac service says they want me back, but they have a funny way of showing it. I like to consider that I’m a pretty savvy person, without being paranoid. I’ve been abused of a couple of times by sleazy online merchants, but I’ve never actually been ripped off, nor have I ever been the victim of ‘identity theft’. I...
  • Tuesday 25 January 2005 : Why I Don’t Use Windows

    If you are, for some reason, still using Windows, you might find this little movie worth your while. It turns out that the Windows Indexing Service — which appeared to just be a drag on system performance all these years — actually works.