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  • Wednesday 28 September 2005 : 21st-Century Capitalism at the Washington Post

    An op-ed column in today’s Washington Post reveals some alarming misunderstandings on the part of the writer.

  • Tuesday 04 January 2005 : The Washington Post and the ‘Trade Deficit’

    An article in the Post about the U.S. ‘trade deficit’ is utterly baffling.

  • Sunday 15 August 2004 : Journalistic Laziness and SUVs

    A column in this morning’s Washington Post makes the common mistake of thinking that something must be true if you want it to be badly enough — in this case, that SUVs are the mark of vanity, ego, dilettantism, etc. Debunking statistics included from the Census Bureau.

  • Tuesday 20 January 2004 : SUVs and Statistics

    A recent article in the New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell uses severely flawed statistics in an attempt to show that SUVs are particularly unsafe.

  • Friday 18 July 2003 : Education Spending and Performance
    There has been some discussion (here and here among other places about a chart that currently graces the front of the Department of Education's website. For your convenience, here is the chart: This looks pretty damning, and it appears to confirm what we all believe to be true (or what I believe to be true, anyway): that expenditures on education...
  • Thursday 13 February 2003 : Big Anti-Tobacco and Reality

    The anti-smoking movements public health claims often directly contradict their own statistics and studies.