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  • Tuesday 24 January 2006 : The Problem In A Nutshell
    MSNBC is running coverage of the passage of a new law in West Virginia, which requires the use of gadgets that will allow location of, and communication with, miners. Their headline for this story? ‘WV LAW MAKES MINING SAFER’ But of course it isn’t the law that makes anything safer: it’s the gizmo. The law just requires use of the...
  • Friday 06 January 2006 : Washington Post Search Still Sucks

    The Washington Post website’s search feature is entirely useless much of the time.

  • Sunday 11 December 2005 : Washington Post Reporters Don’t Like Feedback

    Washington Post reporters do not ‘appreciate’ Technorati links on the Post website.

  • Sunday 11 December 2005 : The Washington Post Website Sucks

    It takes six attempts to find the web version of a column I read in the paper this morning.

  • Friday 02 December 2005 : BBC Journalism

    The BBC’s use of quotation marks in its headlines is interesting.

  • Monday 28 November 2005 : Nerd TV Sucks

    Nerd TV is perhaps fatally flawed by super-low production values.

  • Friday 07 October 2005 : The Complete New Yorker

    Tino reviews the New Yorker’s eight-DVD electronic archive, concentrating mainly on the deficiencies of the application you have to use to view the stuff.

  • Wednesday 28 September 2005 : 21st-Century Capitalism at the Washington Post

    An op-ed column in today’s Washington Post reveals some alarming misunderstandings on the part of the writer.

  • Thursday 15 September 2005 : Washington Post: Feds Meant To Kill People In New Orleans

    The Washington Post kicks off the new theory: that the federal government’s Hurricane Katrina response was equivalent to the 1993 attack on the cult compound in Waco.

  • Thursday 25 August 2005 : John Loftus Strikes Again

    TV meta-pundit John Loftus appears even more arrogant than I’d thought. Which is saying something.

  • Friday 03 June 2005 : Vermillion Alert!

    Motorists traveling on Interstates 10, 20, 59, 65, and 85 are advised to use caution when approaching Alabama, as the state has been reported missing.

  • Thursday 02 June 2005 : Specialization, Journalism, and Professionalism
    A few days ago, I wrote a fairly amorphous thing about professionalism, mainly to get down some things that had occurred to me as a prelude for more specific rants. The thing that initially got me thinking about this was the rise of professional town planning (as opposed to such planning being an offshoot of architecture or engineering). Unless you’ve...
  • Monday 23 May 2005 : Panic Now! We’ll Tell You Why Later

    Local TV news stirs the pot of Random Fear. With video.

  • Sunday 15 May 2005 : Here We Go With The Fat Cat Bashing

    There are a lot of interesting stories in last week's small-plane-over-Washington kerfuffle. The most interesting, possibly, is the reaction of a Fox News commentator and studio audience.

  • Thursday 05 May 2005 : Those Suave Brits

    BBC election coverage includes baffling, pointless, and crude satire of George Bush.

  • Monday 02 May 2005 : The Woes Of The Newspaper Industry

    Newspaper vending machines have almost completely disappeared from Front Royal. They’re hardly ever found outside major urban areas now: it’s likely that the increasing difficulty of purchasing their product is part of the newspaper industry’s slide into irrelevance.

  • Thursday 28 April 2005 : OMG!!!@
    Breaking news from MSNBC. Details still sketchy at this point: They have found a moderate blogger somewhere. No word yet on where they turned up this rare bird....
  • Monday 04 April 2005 : Tom Shales: What an Ultra-Maroon
    Tom Shales, in the Washington Post, on the Pope's passing, and particularly on the TV coverage thereof (Shales is a TV and movie critic at the Post): One authoritative presence was certainly conspicuous by its absence: Dan Rather, longtime anchor of "The CBS Evening News" who, if that situation hadn't changed recently -- and in a manner unbecoming of ruthless...
  • Wednesday 23 March 2005 : Superstardom And Business

    Superstars often behave like spoiled children.

  • Thursday 17 March 2005 : Argument and Media

    Over 2300 words, ultimately about the nature of the online media and how what people write online isn't as much of a Window Into Their Souls as you might think it is.

  • Monday 21 February 2005 : Interesting Choice of Pictures

    BBC Supports Communists, Thinks U.S. Is Source Of All Evil

  • Sunday 30 January 2005 : NBC Nightly News

    The NBC Nightly News, with Kent Brockman

  • Tuesday 04 January 2005 : The Washington Post and the ‘Trade Deficit’

    An article in the Post about the U.S. ‘trade deficit’ is utterly baffling.

  • Wednesday 01 December 2004 : WSJ Editors Wanted

    Does no one understand even the rudiments of grammar any more?

  • Monday 25 October 2004 : WP: Supremes Sent Bush ‘instead of’ Gore to White House

    Bias or Idiocy or possibly both. A single clause in a Washington Post story offers an insight to the way they think down there.

  • Monday 18 October 2004 : Gun-Control Fantasies from the WP

    The Washington Post calls for the feds to ban guns from airport parking lots in Virginia, presumably so that the airport parking lots can have the same crime rate as other places -- like Washington, DC -- that have strong gun-control laws.

  • Monday 30 August 2004 : C-SPAN Pay Per View?!

    DirecTV thinks that C-SPAN is pay-per-view this morning.

  • Monday 23 August 2004 : More Lazy SUV Journalism

    The Washington Post is featuring another article by Warren Brown where he takes potshots at SUVs and turns out to be provably wrong. There’s nothing wrong with not liking SUVs, even if you’ve got no reason at all: taste is inherently personal and subjective. But when these ‘journalists’ try to justify their prejudices with pseudo-scientific ‘rational’ analysis, they mainly seem to end up making themselves look silly.

  • Thursday 19 August 2004 : Racist Metro Staff & Lazy(?) Journalism

    The Washington Post interestingly mischaracterizes a passenger’s encounter with a Metro station manager.

  • Sunday 15 August 2004 : Journalistic Laziness and SUVs

    A column in this morning’s Washington Post makes the common mistake of thinking that something must be true if you want it to be badly enough — in this case, that SUVs are the mark of vanity, ego, dilettantism, etc. Debunking statistics included from the Census Bureau.

  • Monday 09 August 2004 : Sudden Bush Hatred Fatigue Syndrome

    I am not a fan of George Bush, but I have finally had it with the bullshit blind hatred on the Left.

  • Sunday 25 July 2004 : Cultural Production and Audiences

    TV is lousy, and so are movies. A book review in The Atlantic hints at one reason this might be so, for movies at least.

  • Sunday 13 June 2004 : Dr. Gridlock and the Police State

    A story about the police in Richmond Heights, Missouri, inspired by today’s Dr. Gridlock column in the Washington Post.

  • Thursday 03 June 2004 : Bill Cosby Speaks, Update

    Bill Cosby’s remarks on the state of the black ‘community’ have finally produced some responses. Tino provides a recording of his speech.

  • Monday 15 March 2004 : Lazy and Perhaps Telling Headlines Department

    Lazy headline-writing at the BBC inadvertently lets some truth out

  • Tuesday 02 December 2003 : Celebrity

    Paris Hilton is the beneficiary of a masterful PR campaign. The 'news' media fails to see it for what it is, though.

  • Monday 01 December 2003 : Help Wanted: Editors

    $10 is worth about ten dollars.

  • Sunday 16 November 2003 : Dangers of State Media

    A howler from the BBC.