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  • Monday 21 November 2005 : Spams Per Hour

    An explanation of what the tinotopia.com spam chart shows.

  • Tuesday 14 June 2005 : Spam Way Down

    The spam has been down, way down (talk to your wife). With the exception of a couple spikes, for the last week I have been holding steady at about five per hour.

  • Saturday 31 January 2004 : Band Names From Spam
    Two-word pairs, as they occurred in a recent piece of spam I got, with a subject line of 'fabric paradoxic colette harpsichord oilcloth'. Some of these would make better movie titles than band names: extraterrestrial cyclorama cheek meteor nether keg circumpolar exhaustion drab gibberish [this would be Cheek Meteor's first album] lithe necrosis shoestring bootlegging cereus gimmick [part of Wile...
  • Tuesday 29 July 2003 : Spam Update

    Updates to the Tinotopia anti-spam system.

  • Wednesday 07 May 2003 : The Economic Fallacy of Spam Redux
    Yesterday, I wrote about my skepticism about the business of spamming. Specifically, I challenged the common assertion that spam makes money despite abysmal response rates, and I mentioned that I was disappointed in the Wall Street Journal for accepting this assertion without comment. Today's Journal carries a story (subscription required -- this link might work if you're not a subscriber)...
  • Tuesday 06 May 2003 : The Economic Fallacy of Spam

    The common assertion that spam makes money because it 'costs nothing' to send an e-mail message is just wrong.

  • Friday 21 February 2003 : New Spam Tactics

    New tactics employed by spammers in an attempt to defeat anti-spam filters actually makes it easier to reliably identify spam, and shows that the end of the spam wars might be in sight.