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  • Wednesday 08 October 2003 : The War On The Poor (Housing Front)

    Montgomery County, Maryland moves closer to its goal of completely outlawing poverty.

  • Monday 22 September 2003 : Density, Housing for the Poor, and Zoning

    Herndon, VA, is shocked -- shocked! -- to discover that poor people are sharing too-expensive housing so that they can afford to live in Fairfax County.

  • Wednesday 19 February 2003 : Caviar for Everyone!

    Requiring that everyone lead a middle-class lifestyle leaves the poor worse off than if they were simply allowed to be poor.

  • Wednesday 30 October 2002 : Homelessness and Markets

    Well-meaning policies meant to reduce 'poverty' actually just outlaw the outward signs of poverty and result in the poor being materially worse-off than they would be in a more laisez-faire environment.