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  • Tuesday 20 December 2005 : Chop, Chop, Dig, Dig

    A life of unending toil.

  • Tuesday 28 June 2005 : 100 Degrees In The Sun, Too
    Things are hot all over....
  • Monday 27 June 2005 : 100 Degrees In The Shade
    Booths are being set up for next week's Fair St. Louis, which used to be the VP Fair until it was decided that that wasn't inclusive enough....
  • Sunday 26 June 2005 : Domo Descending A Staircase

    Raaaarrrr! says the Cubist monster.

  • Wednesday 20 April 2005 : Over The Transom

    A photo that showed up in my e-mail last night.

  • Sunday 20 March 2005 : Stuffed Animal Bums At Wal-Mart
    Pretty much self-explanatory. They're $9.88 each....
  • Tuesday 31 August 2004 : What’s in Tino’s Gadget Bag?

    What is in Tino’s gadget bag? Now you can find out.

  • Wednesday 18 February 2004 : The View From Here
    This is what I've been doing instead of writing things here. Drag your mouse around inside the image: (You need a recent-ish version of Quicktime for this to work.)...
  • Sunday 01 February 2004 : Photograph
    The front yard, as seen this morning....
  • Friday 07 November 2003 : Ach! Wee Turtles!

    Wee turtles have invaded Stately Tino Manor

  • Friday 17 October 2003 : You Pay Now!

    Pay now or pay more later! Yet another grainy, crappy photo from Tino's cell phone.

  • Thursday 16 October 2003 : Choctoberfest


  • Wednesday 01 October 2003 : More Slackage
    I am in St. Louis again this week, and again too busy to write much. I'll try to post some one-line mini-rants some time this week, and pictures. Somewhere over Illinois...